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Sea Fantasy Starter
Fennel and octopus salad, baby prawns on lemon leaves,  calamari salad, anchovies in oil on toasted bread, smoked tuna and swordfish.
Rustic Starter
Salami, pancetta, Parma ham, mozzarella, ricotta, caciotta cheese, provolone
Enzo Starter
Stuffedd squash blossom, fried cheese pastry, mozzarella in lemon leaves, potato croquette.
Mixed Vegetable homegrown
Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad
Baby prawn in lemon leaves
Seafood salad
Stuffed squash blossoms
Octopus salad
Fiori di zucchine ripiene
Traditional Dishes
Homemade lasagna with aubergine
aubergine, small meatballs, sausage meat and mozzarella cheese in tomato sauce
Cannelloni with meat or spinach and ricotta cheese
Paccheri with onions and meat sauce
Gnocchi small potato with dumplings Sorrento style
Cheese ravioli with tomato sauce
Penne pasta with meatballs
Pasta Dishes
Paccheri (large pasta) in a light scampi, prawns, and calamari sauce
Seafood Risotto
Linguine with sea urchin and octopus
Square spaghetti with clams and yellow tomato sauce
Sialatielli with seafood
Paccheri (large pasta) with octopus
Paccheri (large pasta) in a grouper fish sauce
Main courses of meat
Grilled entrecote
Tenderloin in a pink pepper sauce
Grilled Entrecote
Veal escalope in a Marsala wine sauce
Veal escalope sorrento style (Mozzarella)
Mixed meat in a Neapolitan ragù sauce(meatball, spare rib, meat rollé)
Veal escalope in a Milan style (in bread crumbs)
Grilled or pan fried pork chop
Grilled farmers sausage
Main Fish Dishes
Fried prawns and squid rings *
Fried local anchovies (when available)
Grilled Sword fish
(when available)
Grilled tuna fish
(when available)
Baked fish or in a cherry tomato sauce
Grilled king prawns *
Fillet of white fish (Gilt-head) in a citrus sauce
Mixed grilled fish
Grilled squid and king prawns *
King fish (ricciola) charcoal grilled
Braised octopus neopolitan style *
Mussels in Tomato sauce
Sea Food of the day
Mixed vegetable plate :
peas, broad beans with onions bacon , tomatoes au gratin, sautee endives with olives & pine nuts, sauted cabbage with bacon
Stuffed Endives (2)
Peas with ham
Spinach in butter
Tomatoes au Gratin
Baked Aubergines with mozzarella
Fried courgettes
Fresh broad beans with onions and bacon
Sauteed endive with olives and pine nuts
Stuffed sweet peppers
Side Dishes
Fried or roast potatoes
Tomato salad
Rocket and cherry tomato salad
Mushrooms with garlic and parsley
Green or mixed salad
Sweets and fruit
Choice of dessert from buffet (ask for dessert menu)
Fresh pineapple
Strwaberries in lemon or orange juice or with cream
Fresh fruit salad
Fresh winter melon
Home made ice cream
Ask for Dessert of the day
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